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Better performance. Better for the environment. Better for your bottom line. Setting new industry standards, K&N® Global Filtration delivers the only washable, reusable, sustainability-focused industrial air filter on the market today.

K&N global filtration air filter

50+ years Leading the Performance Automotive Industry

From the innovators behind high-flow, low-restriction, washable and reusable filters in high-performance automotive applications.

Our air filters are an eco-friendly solution, from the washable, reusable product with a 15-year lifespan to recycled and reusable corrugate-free packaging.

High Flow

Up to 40% less restrictive than disposable

24″x24″ MERV 8 


15 -year lifecycle means less landfill waste

ONE K&N filter replaces 15 years of disposable filters

big savings

Cost savings over disposable filters

Reduce your PUE

Let us prove it in your facility

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Discover K&N’s Product Lineup

K&N provides a complete lineup of standard sizes, along with options of MERV 8, 11, 13, and 14. Additionally, we offer customized solutions to meet specific requirements. 

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a better way

Interested in custom solutions to meet your industrial facility’s unique needs?

Up to 40% less restrictive than disposable

ACHIEVE superior air flow

Lab Results Speak for Themselves

K&N filters are engineered for optimal airflow and minimal restriction. Our panel and V-BANK filters enable reduced fan speeds, translating to energy conservation and a boost in both efficiency and sustainability. View the Data Sheet for comprehensive specifications.

MINIMIZE environmental impact

Small Footprint, Big Difference

Our air filters are a complete eco-friendly solution, from the washable, reusable product with a 15-year lifespan to the recycled and reusable corrugate-free packaging.


One K&N air filter replaces 15 YEARS of disposable filters

Low Maintenance

Cleans easily with low-pressure cold-water rinse, no scrubbing
or solvents needed


Leverage a variety of environmental benefits for your company’s sustainability goals

Transform Your Facility

FREE FILTERS for your pilot

Air filtration without hesitation. To demonstrate our confidence, K&N Global Filtration will supply FREE filters to jump start a pilot program in your facility.

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