K&N Global Filtration: Taking the Globe by Storm With Air Filter Solutions

Industrial Air Filter Solutions Shine at Digital Infrastructure Industry Fall Conferences

The past few months have been remarkable for the K&N Global Filtration team as we showcased our innovative new air filter solutions for industrial facilities at multiple industry conferences across the globe. 

During our time spent talking with industry leaders at events spanning three continents, one thing is clear: The need for more efficient and sustainable operations has never been more critical. Data centers worldwide continue to expand rapidly, and the surge in energy consumption due to AI and high-performance computing is posing new challenges to keep costs down and operate efficiently while being environmentally responsible.

K&N Air Filter Solutions: The New Industry Standard
Fortunately, K&N’s washable and reusable air filters are setting new standards in the digital infrastructure industry, helping organizations overcome efficiency and sustainability challenges. We had the opportunity to showcase the benefits of our products to industry leaders, opening their eyes to the future of industrial air filtration.

K&N’s revolutionary air filters deliver: 

  • High flow – Up to 40% less restrictive than disposable
  • Low impact – 15-year lifecycle means less landfill waste
  • Big savings – Significant cost savings over disposable filters

K&N Global Filtration On the Road
Our world tour throughout the fall season included several stops across the U.S., Europe and Asia: 

  • Datacloud USA – Austin, Texas
    In September, the K&N Global Filtration team descended upon Datacloud USA in Austin to share our air filtration solutions with key leaders in the data infrastructure industry.
  • DCD > Connect London
    In early October, we landed in London for the DCD > Connect London event, the ultimate discovery experience for the data center industry supply chain.
  • 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference
    Back across the pond, we sponsored the 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference in Grapevine, Texas, where critical sustainability topics were discussed, such as decarbonization and data center cooling considerations. 
  • Data Centre World Asia – Singapore
    In early October, we touched down in the Asia-Pacific region for Data Centre World Asia, Asia’s best-attended technology event. APAC is one of the fastest-growing digital hubs in the world, and we enjoyed presenting our air filtration solutions to this thriving market.
  • Capacity Europe – London
    After DCW Asia, we headed back to London where we met with a multitude of digital infrastructure leaders at Capacity Europe. This event did not disappoint with over 3,000 attendees from over 900 companies across several European countries.
  • DCD > Connect Virginia
    In November, the K&N team made a trip to Data Center Alley at DCD > Connect Virginia to talk about our reusable and washable air filters with more leaders in the industry, helping them rethink their air filtration solutions. 

“There is a definite need among data centers and other industrial facilities for a smarter, more efficient and more sustainable air filtration solution — and K&N is perfectly positioned to fill that void,” said Joost Adriaans, Director of Industrial Filtration at K&N Global Filtration. “It’s been an incredible experience meeting industry leaders across the world and showcasing the benefits K&N’s solutions bring to this thriving industry. Our exciting journey to help organizations achieve their operational and sustainability goals has only just begun.”

We can’t wait to see you at the next event! Don’t miss the K&N Global Filtration team at PTC in Honolulu, January 21-24, 2024. To schedule a meeting with us at an upcoming conference, visit our events page


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