Q: Where can I get help if I have a question about The Original Red Washable, Reusable Filter™?
A: Please contact K&N® customer service by calling 800-858-3333 (North America) or emailing [email protected]. View complete contact information, including K&N’s mailing address and overseas information here.

Q: Are K&N Global Filtration’s industrial air filters an alternative to disposable air filters?
A: Absolutely. K&N’s high-flow, low impact industrial air filters not only deliver superior performance due to their innovative low air-restriction design but also come with an impressive 15-year warranty/life cycle. This means you can trust their durability and effectiveness for the long haul. Requiring less energy for optimal temperature control, they’re also a green choice, eliminating the waste associated with single-use disposable filters. With K&N, you’re opting for an environmentally friendly solution that also uses less energy, directly reducing your power bills. It’s a win-win for both the environment and your bottom line.

Q: How do K&N filters contribute to improving sustainability in industrial facilities?
A: The energy consumption of your air filtration system can have a marked impact on the overall sustainability of your facility. A system that consumes more energy can result in higher operating costs and a larger carbon footprint typically. Choosing an energy-efficient air filter can help reduce these environmental impacts, thereby enhancing your sustainability initiatives while saving money in the process.

K&N’s industrial air filters also contribute to a cleaner environment in several other ways.

  • Our filters are reusable. Instead of being discarded after a single use, K&N industrial air filters can be washed and reused multiple times for up to 15 years. This reduces landfill waste and saves money on maintenance and replacement costs over traditional disposable air filters…all while benefiting the environment.
  • Our filters are packaged sustainably. We recognize the environmental impact of packaging waste and strive to minimize it by using eco-friendly packaging materials when possible. This includes incorporating simple, compact boxes made from recycled materials or using returnable containers to help reduce waste and cost for our customers.

Q: What makes K&N industrial air filters more energy efficient?
A: Drawing on a legacy rooted in the demanding world of auto racing, where exceptional performance is paramount to clinching victories, K&N brings a unique expertise to industrial air filtration. Just as in racing, industrial facilities demand peak performance. Our reusable air filters are backed by rigorous testing and offer maximized energy efficiency without compromising on performance. K&N filters boast impressive MERV ratings, a testament to their high efficiency, and their low air-restriction design ensures facilities can optimize system performance while minimizing energy consumption. When you choose K&N Global Filtration, you’re not only tapping into decades of performance-driven innovation but also making a choice that translates to reduced power consumption and tangible energy savings—driving your business to a more sustainable and competitive future.

Q: Are K&N air filters customizable?
We understand that every industrial application is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it’s filter media, size, or thickness, our filters can be tailored to fit your facility’s exact requirements, impacting such factors as filtration efficiency or pressure drop, both of which can lead to energy savings and a more efficient system overall. With K&N Global Filtration, you receive more than just a filter; you obtain a bespoke solution for your specific operational demands.

Q: What is the process for washing my reusable industrial air filter?
Prolonging the lifespan of your K&N Global Filtration washable and reusable industrial air filters through proper care and maintenance can save you time and money. Washing your industrial air filters every two to four years, depending on the environment, will prolong the life of your filters and save on replacement costs and landfill space. Watch a demonstration here

Q: I’ve heard about a unique pilot program from K&N Global Filtration. Can you tell me more about it?
A: K&N Global Filtration believes in the transformative power of our air filtration products. So much so that we’re offering up to 50 FREE industrial air filters to initiate a pilot program in your facility. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the innovative performance of our filters with no initial investment. Not only do our filters provide significant cost savings over disposable alternatives, but they also come with a remarkable 15-year life cycle and contribute to a reduction in landfill waste. To learn more and kickstart your journey, click here and our Product Specialists will provide all the details on the free pilot program.

Q: How can I schedule my pilot?
A: Scheduling your pilot is easy. Simply inquire here, and you’ll be connected with one of our Product Specialists who will walk you through the process, provide more details on the pilot program, and help you get started on transforming your facility with our state-of-the-art air filtration solutions.

Interested in custom solutions to meet your industrial facility’s unique needs?