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Pioneering the Journey to Sustainable Air Filtration with K&N Global Filtration

Data centers are critical to many global tech operations. They are high-stakes environments where every kilowatt of energy and every cubic foot of air counts. Traditionally, data centers rely on single-use air filters, which are environmentally costly as they amass significant waste, totaling thousands of pounds of landfill waste annually to purify the air. Sustainable air filtration is the key.

As more companies grew their commitments to zero waste and energy reduction, the challenge was clear and pressing: the industry needed a sustainable air filtration systems solution that matched ambitious environmental goals. This challenge led Apple to us in 2019 — because of our renowned innovations in automotive air filtration. Known for creating high-performance, washable, and reusable filters, Apple saw the potential to apply K&N’s expertise in a new way — inside its data centers.

Crafting a Custom Sustainable Air Filtration Solution

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The collaboration between Apple and K&N Global Filtration began in Apple’s Reno data center. The mission was specific: develop a filter that could meet Apple’s rigorous standards for efficiency and sustainability. The partnership was intense and hands-on, involving the prototyping and testing of 20 different filter designs. This iterative process was not about refining a product but redefining an industry standard.

The result of this collaboration was profound. Apple and K&N engineered a line of high-performance, reusable long-life sustainable air filters that stood up to the demands of the most advanced data centers in the world. By replacing 38,000 disposable filters with innovative washable, reusable units, Apple dramatically reduced its environmental footprint — avoiding the landfilling of 25 tons of waste annually and cutting fan energy use by 35%.

Apple dramatically reduced its environmental footprint — avoiding the landfilling of 25 tons of waste annually and cutting fan energy use by 35%.

Apple’s journey with K&N reflects its broader commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation. This partnership is a prime example of how strategic collaborations can lead to significant environmental and operational improvements. It demonstrates Apple’s role as a catalyst in the tech industry, advancing its own goals but also leading the way for others to follow.

K&N’s Message for the Industry – From Craig Scanlon, CEO 

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Apple and others within the industry, lending our history and expertise in air filtration innovation to help achieve their ambitious sustainability and zero-waste goals.

The collaboration has led to a game-changing solution that leaves no compromise: our filters deliver sustainability, energy efficiency and superior performance. We have a massive opportunity to drive meaningful change and empower organizations worldwide to operate more efficiently and responsibly, ensuring a brighter and greener future for the next generation.”

More Than Just Filters

K_N Global Filtration Sustainability

In celebrating Earth Day 2024, the choice is clear: embrace sustainable air filtration practices or fall behind. Choosing K&N’s high-performance, reusable filters for data centers and industrial facilities is not just an operational decision — it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. The remarkable partnership between Apple and K&N Global Filtration exemplifies how integrating innovative, washable, and reusable sustainable air filters can dramatically decrease environmental impact — eliminating thousands of pounds of landfill waste and reducing energy along the way.

K&N and its partners are demonstrating how sustainable practices in the tech industry can have substantial effects on the environment, inspiring others to take similar steps. In embracing innovation, K&N isn’t just changing sustainable air filters — we are changing the future of clean air technology.

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