Green Globes for Existing Buildings Points Guide

The Materials section 5.2 of GreenGlobes, Recycling and Waste, earns a maximum of 55 points out of a program total of 1,000 points when calculating a green building initiative. Green Globes certification requires a minimum overall score of 35% of the total applicable points, and certified projects are assigned a rating of One to Four […]

UL Standard 2799 Waste Diversion Guide

The formula used to calculate the zero waste to landfill diversion rate is as follows: When installing K&N reusable filters, the weight of diverted filter waste counts towards the mreduced, Mass reduced (onsite) weight in the above table.   To calculate the additional mass of diverted waste by using K&N reusable filters for this table, before […]

Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Sustainability Credits Guide

TRUE is a zero waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing zero waste performance by encouraging the adoption of sustainable materials management and reduction practices.  K&N reusable filters may contribute to the pursuit of certain credits within the TRUE rating system as part of a larger strategy. Some of these opportunities to contribute […]

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Waste Performance Guide

Use K&N Global Filtration’s reusable industrial air filters to claim additional LEED points, up to 8 in the waste practices section, which is a prerequisite. Measure the total weight of waste (in lbs., kg, or tons) that is generated and the total weight that is diverted from landfills and incineration facilities for one full year […]