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Industrial air filtration systems are essential for maintaining a clean and safe workplace, as well as creating a safer environment. They remove a variety of contaminants from the air, including dust, pollen, smoke, fumes, and mists. 

K&N Global Filtration provides a complete lineup of standard air filter sizes, along with options of MERV 8, 11, 13, and 14. Additionally, we offer customized solutions in the form of V-Bank and Panel solutions to meet specific requirements. Learn more about our innovative industrial air filtration solutions below:

Flush Mount V-Bank

Offset V-Bank

Panel with Header

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Strong and premium quality ABS filter frame for easy drop-in installation

Bullnose rail design to decrease air flow resistance

Open design to maximize air flow and decrease resistance

Two-layer non-woven synthetic filter media provides excellent filtration performance

V-BANK Filters


Our V-BANK filters are engineered for performance and efficiency, redefining air filter technology. With a direct drop-in replacement design, installation has never been easier!

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Strong, premium quality ABS filter frames in header and no-header designs

Polypropylene mesh and polyester pleat stabilizers support filter pleat pack

Two-layer non-woven synthetic filter media for excellent performance

Expanded steel wire mesh provides structural support in high pressure or high air flow applications


Benefits of Industrial PANEL Air Filtration Systems

Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable air filters. Our revolutionary washable, reusable panel filters are here. Designed to replace disposable panel air filters as a direct drop-in replacement product with easy installation.

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Our air filters are a complete eco-friendly solution, which leads to a variety of benefits for your business that include:

Cost Effective

Enjoythe cost savings and ease of maintenance that comes with just one K&N air filter that replaces years of disposable filter replacement costs.

Zero Landfill Waste

The sustainability factor of not throwing out years of disposable air filters is priceless.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning is simple and fast. No cleaning solvents, hot water or pressure washing required. And our filters dry fast.

Cleaner Air

Filters are used to remove small particles from the air, decreasing the risks of contamination in your workplace and minimizing bacteria risks.

Interested in custom solutions to meet your industrial facility’s unique needs?

K_N Green Industrial Air Filters

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Air filtration without hesitation. To demonstrate our confidence, K&N Global Filtration will supply FREE filters to jump start a pilot program in your facility.

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